A woman discovering the roots of the english language

Who Made the English Language?

To answer this, we will discuss its development from Old to Modern English, and explore the influences that have made it a global tongue.

A woman thinking about the difficulties of learning a second language

What makes it difficult to learn a second language?

While some people find learning a language relatively easy, the majority of adults that attempt to learn a foreign language think it is very difficult.

A language teacher smiling as he learns the five strategies for teaching english language learners

5 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners

Before we jump into the 5 strategies for teaching English Language Learners, it is important to first look at how a successful classroom is created.

A woman wondering about the three keys to learn a language effectively

What are the three keys to effective language learning?

Whether you’re learning Spanish, German, Norwegian, or French, using these 3 keys to effective language learning will help you become fluent in no time.

A young woman who wants to learn a second language smiling because she has learned the benefitd of doing

The Benefits of Learning A 2nd Language

While it can be daunting to learn a second language to connect with other people, there are numerous benefits to being bilingual or even polylingual.

A young man wondering about the best way to learn a new language

What Is The Best Way To Learn A Language?

What’s the best way to go about learning a language so that you don’t get derailed by such a daunting task? The answer: immersion. But how does it work?

An African American woman applying the 3 habits of successful language learners

3 Habits of Successful Language Learners

If you are one of the millions of people looking to learn a new language this year, read on to learn the top 3 habits for successful language learning.

A young woman who has successfully applied the 7 tips to study a new language effectively

7 Tips on How to Study a New Language Effectively

Here are 7 ways you can develop your language learning skills by understanding the language’s culture and history without becoming discouraged.