How to Apply To Tutor or Teach With Glotsalot

Many people join Glotsalot to learn a language. Others join to teach a language, and several join to do both. For this reason, the path for applying to teach on Glotsalot involves first creating a User Account and logging in. If you have not accomplished this yet, go to the prior step where you left off and start from there. If you have not yet created a profile on the site, please accomplish that first so that we can capture all the necessary data you will need to apply to teach.

Once you have set up a user account, logged in, and created your Glotsalot Profile, you can move forward with your Teaching or Tutoring Application. Go to the far upper-right of the page, where you see your name. Clicking on your name, you will see a drop down menu with 6 items to choose from:

  • Accounts
  • My Profile*
  • My Desktop
  • Settings
  • Support
  • Logout

Choose the second option from the top, My Profile. When it loads, you should be at your profile, which will have a photo of you. To the right of your profile is a rectangular green buttonthat says Edit Profile. Click on this. The page that loads should say Update User Profile. Direct your attention to the upper left part of the User Profile page where you should see two tabs: User Profile and Teaching Profile. Click on the one to the right (Teaching Profile). This will bring you to the Update Teacher/Tutor Profile page. Much of the information on this page will already have been completed when you set up your User Profile. Scroll down to the Languages and Skills section. There may well already be languages listed from your learner profile. Review the page for accuracy. If the list of languages is correct, you can move on to the next step. If there is a language listed you do not plan to teach, you can remove or delete the language by clicking on the square red box with the white “X.” To add any additional languages you plan to teach, choose from the drop down box titled “Select Language.” After selecting the language, just to the right of this, select your current skill level in that language, on a scale of 1 to 7 with “Beginner,” being the lowest, and “Native” being the highest.

Review the next three sections for accuracy (Which country you are from, Where you live now, and what UTC time you will be working in). You should have already filled these three sections out when establishing your account.

Next List your money withdrawal method and address. The account name indicated will be used when you withdraw money from Glotsalot. Currently Glotsalot supports Paypal, so you can use your Paypal address. If you don’t have one, go to now and set one up both so that you can get paid for the classes you teach, and so that you can put in funds to pay for any classes you might take. Lastly, click on the blue “Continue” button.

Clicking on the blue “Continue” button will take you to a new page titled Update Teacher/Tutor Profile. Consider this page to be something like a resume that you will provide to Glotsalot to indicate you have the teaching background and skills necessary to set yourself apart from a more novice language tutor. To be considered a “Teacher” on Glotsalot, the individual needs to present sufficient education, personal history, and/or work experience to indicate that they have the qualifications necessary to serve effectively in the role of language teacher. The exact successful combination varies by individual, and is determined by Glotsalot Staff.

To start, go to the section titled; Describe yourself, and what has prepared you to be a language tutor or teacher? In the block below, do just that. Describe yourself in language teaching terms, so a prospective student can get an idea of who you are and what background has prepared you to teach them a foreign language. Please write at least 50 characters, but not more than 500 characters. If you go below or past those parameters, a message will alert you to edit your response to keep your content within that range.

Next, go to the section titled; What will your classes be like? what would you consider to be your style of teaching? Give a good description of what a student can expect to see and hear in a class with you. Is the pace fast or slow? Do you focus more on the spoken or written part of a language? Is the class all in the target language, or a mix between their native language and the target language? Anything you can think of that will give a prospective student a positive look at what will transpire, and what will be expected of them during a class with you.

Next, go to the section titled; What materials will you use in your classes and how will you use them? In this section, list all of the tools you plan to employ, If you will use screen sharing, a white board, a language textbook, puppets, toys, (popular with the kids), list these things. Any tool or method that might capture the interest of the student when they are comparing your profile to others in an effort to entice them to schedule classs with you.

Next, go to the section titled: Check any student type you have experience with: Here you can check the box for any experience you might have with different student types. If you have experience teaching children, put a check in the “Children” box. Do this for each type of student you have experience teaching. If you have no teaching experience, don’t check any boxes. Once you have completed all of the information for this page, you can click on the square blue “Continue” button which will save your information and take you to the Video Upload Page.

Your Tutor/Teacher video is the main way prospective students get to know you, as well as an additional manner by which Glotsalot can review your language skills in an effort to determine your ability to teach another language. Take a moment to read through the Basic Teacher/Tutor Video Tips, listed both on the Video Upload page and below:

  • Watch several approved Glotsalot Teacher/Tutor videos to get an idea of how other teachers and tutors did theirs.
  • Pre-script your video in each language you will be speaking. Keep length around 3 minutes.
  • Dress for the image you wish to portray (dress the part)
  • Use a brightly and evenly lit location
  • Eliminate background noise or other distractions
  • Ad whatever background you want, or use the location where you will be teaching as your background
  • Record a practice video to make sure the length, lighting and sound are appropriate
  • Record several versions until you find a result for you can be happy with. Don't be afraid to get creative.
  • Upload your finalized video directly to using the below steps, or provide a link to the video after uploading to youtube.

After reading the video guidelines, click on the box to add a “check” to indicate that you have read and understood the video guidelines.

Following the video guidelines, go and record your teacher video. Save a copy of your video on a local device (your computer) then upload the video to Glotsalot by clicking on the box that says “Choose File - Browse” You will see the message “Please wait, your file is being uploaded.”

When the video has been loaded successfully, you will get the following message: “Your file has been uploaded successfully.” If you have problems uploading your video, first go back to the Tips. Often the video length is too long to meet the system requirements, and a shorter version is required. If your video is not in mp4 format, find a way to convert the file to mp4. There are several file conversion programs available online, many of which are free.

After successfully uploading your teacher video, click on the blue Continue Button right below where your teacher video file should be displayed. This will take you to the Update Teacher / Tutor Profile Page / Education Information page. Here you can list educational experiences that support your claim of being able to teach another language. List whatever educational experience you think prospective language learner’s would consider beneficial to your teaching ability. To add an educational experience, at the top of the page, below where it says Add Education, in the first box, titled “Institution” list the name of the organization from whom you received the education. It could be the name of a University, or the name of an educational organization like ETS.ORG, the Organization that administers the TOEFL Exam.

Next, in the second box, titled Degree, list any degrees or certificates earned at that institution. Next, in the third box, titled Certificate you can upload a pdf copy of the degree or certificate for your file. Next, in the “Dates” section you can list the time period when you earned this educational experience. In the first block titled “From,” pick the date you started the program by clicking on the calendar icon and choosing the start date from there. Then in the second block to the right of that, choose the date you finished the program. In the next block down, provide a brief description of the course, degree, or program. For example: “A nationally recognized certification for teaching English to non-English speakers.” When finished, click thee green Save button. This will transfer the information into a line item format for your review at the bottom of the page, just below where it says Education List, and the same information will show up on your public profile. Once you are satisfied that all of your education experience has been listed properly, Click the blue button at the bottom right of the form that says Continue.

This should bring you to Create your Teacher/Tutor profile - Work Experience Information. Here is where you will list the actual work experience you might have had prior as a language teacher or tutor. The information you submit may determine whether or not you are accepted to teach on Glotsalot, so be as thorough as possible. At the first block at the top of the page, titled Company list the name of the last company you worked at where teaching/tutoring or some other language based task was regularly required of you. In the next block Title, list your official title while in the position. Below this, in the boxes titled Employment Dates pick the position’s start date from the calendar function where it says “From Date.” Then move to the end date and choose that date from the calendar function where it says “To Date.” Lastly, move to the block titled Description, and provide a description of what language based responsibilities you may have had while in that role. To finish this section, click on the Save button to save your work, then the Submit button to submit your information for review by Glotsalot Administration. You will hear back shortly with an answer regarding your application. If and when your application is approved, a part of the site that is currently not visible to you will be released so you can create your classes and availability schedule.

Next steps?